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Carry out and implement the nineteen great minds with the party and follow the party
In order to carry out the nineteen spirit of the party in depth, further strengthen the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members in the production and management of the company, the transformation and upgrading, the cultural construction and so on, strengthen the construction of the two new organizations and stimulate the vitality of the two new organizations. In the afternoon of March 10th, the Party branch of the company held a living meeting of the party members, and carried out the Democratic review of the party members. . This meeting is closely related to the in-depth study and implementation of the nineteen spirit of the party, firmly set up "Four Consciousness", firm "four confidence", improve the organizational power of the Party branch in an all-round way, find out the outstanding problems in the "four wind" and so on, closely combine the work of the Party branch of the company to carry out party nature analysis and fully promote democracy. We should carry out criticism and self criticism and undertake voluntary labour.

At the meeting, Yang Xuehong, the Secretary of the branch, led the people to study and read the nineteen report spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, and asked all Party members to strengthen the theory and practice with the nineteen spirit of the party in their study, work and life in the future. Then, the organization members of the party members from the ideology, style, discipline and other aspects of the control of the party constitution and other requirements to find insufficient, put forward specific measures for the existence of the problems, and submitted a control inspection material. After that, the democratic evaluation assessment table was issued, and the party members were reviewed with respect to Party members' participation in organizational activities, development, work performance and discipline performance since 2017, and criticism and self-criticism were carried out in depth. Finally, the branch secretary led us to participate in voluntary labor such as pruning, planting and cleaning. It enriched the content of Party building activities and highlighted the pioneer image of Party members.

Through this meeting, each party member has a more thorough understanding of the nineteen spirit of the party. It has a clearer position, recognized the shortcomings and shortcomings. We have expressed that in the future study, life and work, we must continue to make persistent efforts and improve, and the standards of outstanding Party members are strictly required. It has contributed to its new and greater strength for the development of the group company.

Author: Meng Xiangpeng