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Liaocheng E-commerce Industrial Park is located in the national-level Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone Huitong International Logistics Park. It integrates e-commerce transaction centers, provincial college students' entrepreneurial demonstration parks, convention centers, business office centers, and training centers.

As an important part of Huitong International Logistics Park, the construction area of Liaocheng Electronic Commerce Industrial Park amounts to 45,000 square meters. The supporting facilities such as employee apartments, restaurants, and public service centers are complete, which can meet the office needs of more than 3,000 people. At the same time, as a provincial college student entrepreneurship demonstration park, the park provides a number of preferential policies for college students to start business, such as reducing office space rent, providing free office furniture and computers, and providing interest-free secured loans.

At present, many e-commerce companies such as Huitong International e-Commerce Exchange Center, China Railway Logistics GPS Command Center, China Netbank, and Lianpian Tesco have already entered operations. More than 30 undergraduate entrepreneurial projects have been signed and checked in. The e-commerce business park projects involve electronics. Business transactions, software development, mobile e-commerce, cultural and creative fields.