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About the learning experience of participating in the training course of the province's entrepreneurial consultant.
This training has a deep feeling of learning. The teacher said: with the government's tightening of the support policy for the demonstration platform, most of the industrial parks, especially the private industrial parks, are not so good, to find out a suitable profit model for their own, and the hatchery not based on the industry is a hooligan.

In recent years, the government has also stressed the importance of transforming old and new kinetic energy. How do we turn the traditional old kinetic energy of steel pipe into new kinetic energy? How can more steel pipe trade companies enter our mansion? The following points are summed up according to the knowledge of the classroom.

1. Learn to label yourself and promote brand promotion

We should publicize our Mansion by means of media publicity, output and activities. The brand promotion methods worthy of reference are: 1. media publicity: new media, large screen, publicity Handbook, soft clothing, traditional media and so on; 2. activities are held: Business Service topics, policy orientation docking (policy qualitative declaration, guidance and recommendation), investment and financing orientation docking, and other ways can be the entrepreneurial salon, policy popularization Suitable lectures, technical management communication Sharon can also be CEO club and peer entrepreneur gatherings.

Two, build the building into a modern intensive platform for steel pipe trade.

First of all, we should improve the service plate: 1. in line with the process of improving the function of the line, verify the results of the service module, assist the line to develop the key points clearly; 2. efficiently use the offline window resources; secondly, expand the increment: 1. to expand the third party service resources; 2. select the professional service resource reserve; the 3. line use and online import.

We should sort out the service we provide, and further improve the stickiness with the customers. We should first understand the customer's needs and improve the customer service awareness, but not only a landlord, and the rent will be a great deal.

Based on the industrial chain ecosystem's hardware entrepreneurship service, combined with the actual situation at present, I think we should start with the following aspects.

1. Media driven

Based on the entrepreneurial media, we build a platform for training, social and financing, providing media, financing, training, entrepreneurial activities and incubating sites for entrepreneurs.

Two, supply chain model

By building up the innovation and entrepreneurship service platform of the Internet and hardware, we provide the entrepreneurs with R & D cooperation, technical consultation, technology transfer, market promotion, investment fund and so on to help the intelligent hardware entrepreneurship project quickly through each link of the industrial chain and realize the docking and cooperation of the upstream and downstream resources.

Three, industry sharing

With the brand influence, technical advantage and industrial integration ability, leading enterprises build an open business platform to provide entrepreneurs with a full range of incubator services such as entrepreneurship guidance, technical support, product construction, venture investment and market promotion.

Four. Entrepreneurship training

For elite entrepreneurs, we provide public welfare, systematic and targeted entrepreneurship courses and training, and invest in Angel projects for potential development projects.

Five, investment driven

With the capital as the core and bond, the capital is the core and the bond, the angel investors and the investment institutions are gathered to attract the high quality venture projects to provide financing services for the entrepreneurial enterprises, thus improving the success rate of the venture.

Six. The model of public financing

To build a seamless docking platform for entrepreneurs, investors and customers through the way of equity or product on the line, to raise funds, raise talents, raise projects and raise wisdom.

Seven, increase the admission rate of large enterprises

The service content of small business enterprise innovation base mainly includes information service, financing, loan guarantee, business guidance, government agency, financial agent, talent introduction, talent training, technical service, management consulting, exhibition sales, market development, legal service, government department coordination, property management, and so on. Various services.

Building a business innovation ecosystem is inseparable from large enterprises. Next, can we consider how to write articles on big businesses? Base operation is a strategic investment, hoping to arouse the attention of relevant leaders and give more support. We can ask for support from the SME board, and go deep into big enterprises to conduct research and investment. We should make good use of the existing resources, further improve various services and enhance our popularity.

Eight, enterprise operation

If you want to make a profit, you must operate in a business way. In any case, the incubator must carry out professional management like an enterprise. It is clear that we are not professional. Although the challenge is great, I firmly believe that as long as our team work together, we can do better.

Nine. The daily budget of funds

The financial management system of the fund day budget (also known as the fund day plan) refers to the daily budget for each business capital expenditure, which is approved and approved by the relevant departments in accordance with the process. The advantages of the fund daily budget: 1. pre approval, clear and clear authority and responsibility; integrated docking, the implementation of the budget double landing; 2. banks and enterprises direct connection, strengthen supervision and management; 3. unified scheduling, improve the use of funds.

The implementation of the daily budget management is not only a significant improvement in the centralized and unified management of funds, and the gradual realization of the management of the "daily collection and zero surplus", but also an important measure to strengthen the financial management and control of the group company and promote the transformation and upgrading of the financial management system.

Author: Jin Weiwei