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Warmly congratulate Chairman He Huaizhi on honoring “Top Ten Old-age Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province”

On the morning of September 11, Wang Shijun, director of the Liaocheng Aging Office, visited Huitong for guidance and guidance. Jin Tongyuan, deputy secretary of the Party's Working Committee of the Development Zone, and He Huaizhi, chairman of Huitong Group, accompanied the activities.
At the forum, Wang Shijun first announced the "2014 Shandong Top Ten Old-age Retirement Enterprise and Top Ten Old-age Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province Awarding Announcement". The notification stated that in this "Top Ten" selection campaign, Chairman Huai Huai was awarded the honor of "Shandong At the same time as the province's top ten old-age entrepreneurs, the group company was honored with the “Top Ten Award for Nomination of Senior Citizens in Shandong Province”, which can be described as a double happiness event! Wang Shijun presented the medal to Chairman He Huaizhi. Jin Tongyuan and other leaders expressed their congratulations. He also expressed that he should widely publicize the goodwill of Chairman He Huaizhi who respects the elderly, loves the old, and helps the old, and call the community to learn and practice! Afterwards, the leaders conducted in-depth discussions on the development of the Huitong Group in recent years and the development of the work of the elderly, and they happily visited production plants, laboratories and other places.
The acquisition of the two awards fully demonstrates that Huitong Group's positive performance of social responsibilities and caring for the elderly has been recognized and praised by superiors and all walks of life.

Wang Shijun, Director of the Municipal Aging Office, presented the medal to Chairman He Huaizhi.