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Steel price adjustments have increased

On the 10th, a total of 32 major steel mills in the country issued price adjustment information. The number of price-adjusting steel mills decreased sharply from the previous day, and prices continued to increase. The increase ranged from 20 yuan/tonne to 290 yuan/tonne, and the margin increased.
Among them, the above-mentioned 32 steel mills all adjusted the ex-factory price of construction steel products, and the prices continued to increase, ranging from RMB 20-200/ton. At the same time, four of the above-mentioned steel mills adjusted the ex-factory price of sheet metal products, and the price also rose across the board, with an increase of RMB 50-290/t. In addition, there is also a steel factory to adjust the ex-factory price of the profile varieties, the price is also increased, an increase of 50 yuan / ton.
From the aspect of construction steel, the steel mills that introduced the price adjustment are mainly concentrated in East China, South China, Southwest China, South China, North China, Northwest China, and Northeast China. Among them, there are a large number of price-adjusted steel mills in East China and Northeast China, and the price adjustment in East China is the largest. Specifically, the ex-factory prices of construction steel in major steel mills in East China, South China, Southwest, South China, North China, Northwest China, and Northeast China rose by RMB 30-200/ton, 20-100 yuan/ton, 50-80 yuan/ton, and 50 respectively. RMB/ton, RMB 26-70/ton, RMB 20-120/ton and RMB 50-70/ton.
Among the major varieties of building materials, the number of steel plants with Φ6.5mmQ235 high-line and HRB335Φ20mm rebar steels is on the high side, and the others are slightly less. Among them, the Φ6.5mmQ235 high-line adjustment in the 26-120 yuan / ton; HRB335Φ20mm rebar price increase in the range of 20-120 yuan / ton; HRB400Φ20mm rebar price increase in the range of 50-190 yuan / ton; HRB400 plate screw The factory price of Φ8-10 is increased by 20-200 yuan/ton. Among them, East China Zhejiang Fuyang raised its HRB400Φ20mm rebar and HRB400 plate screw Φ8-10 ex-factory price of 190 and 200 yuan/ton respectively.
As for the sheet materials, there were four steel mills yesterday that adjusted the ex-factory price of sheet products and the price rose. Among them, Wuyuan Iron & Steel of East China raised the price of its Q23520mm Puzhong plate at RMB 290/tonne; the price of Q23520mm Puzhong plate at the northwestern region was raised at RMB 50/tonne; Jiuquan Steel and Xining and Jiuquan-Lanzhou were raised respectively. Its SS4004.75 general price of 80 and 50 yuan / ton.
In addition, there is only one steel plant in the profile for price adjustment. Among them, Shandong Shiheng of East China raised the ex-factory price of its Q2355# angle steel and Q23516# channel steel by RMB 50/t each.
The ex-factory prices of major domestic steel mills continued to rise yesterday, and after the spot market experienced rapid pull-ups in the previous few days, in the case of weaker transactions, individual markets showed a slight decline, and the overall market continued to fall.
According to monitoring data, the average price of HRB40020MM rebars and 6.5mm high-grade wires in 25 major markets across the country rose by 22 and 23 yuan/ton on the 10th; the 20-centre general board in 23 major markets and 24 major markets across the country 4.75 The average price of hot-rolled coils rose by RMB 13/t from the previous day; the average price of 50*5 angle steel and 16# channel steel in some major markets rose by RMB 13 and RMB 12/tonne from the previous day; the above-mentioned varieties rose more than before. Both continued to contract on a day-to-day basis and individual markets even experienced a slight decline. Rebar rises in the city is still high.
It is reported that in the past two days, the price of billet in Tangshan has been unstable, and market players are waiting to see it. With the completion of post-holiday steelyards, market transactions have once again weakened and support for the steel market has weakened. However, the prices of some leading steel mills have risen steadily, which has a great driving effect on the ex-factory prices of other steel mills, while the price increase of steel mills has certain support for short-term market prices. It is expected that the short-term steel market will continue to rise, and the price adjustment of steel mills will continue to increase.