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In 2000, we saw the market opportunity of seamless steel tube manufacturing industry, introduced the first pipe drawing unit in Liaocheng, and laid the foundation for Huitong's business in the next ten years with two years' development.

In 2003, Shandong Huitong steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd. (renamed as "Shandong Huitong Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd." in 2014) was officially established, which established a high starting point and high quality development keynote, introduced a complete set of piercing and cold drawn steel pipe production lines, and further expanded market share.

In 2006, with the advantages of one-time forming, high precision and low cost, the company took the lead in introducing the hot rolling process to produce seamless steel pipe, which brought about rapid development of the enterprise.

In 2008, the second hot rolling production line was introduced, and the Shandong Haixinda petroleum machinery project covering an area of more than 120 mu began to be built.

In 2009, Shandong Haixinda Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of more than 230 Mu and with a total investment of 600 million yuan, was established. Modern administrative office buildings were built. VIP buildings integrating catering, entertainment and reception, science and technology buildings with complete inspection and testing equipment, warm and comfortable staff apartments were put into use one after another. The most advanced hot-rolled oil casing production units in China are more than 30000 square meters The high standard production workshop is put into operation. The seamless steel pipe produced by the production line can be used in the fields of petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, coal, machinery, etc. the prototype of Huitong is initially formed.

In 2011, the investment and construction of Shandong Huitong International Metal logistics park project (key construction project of Shandong Province in 2012) opened the development path of Huitong from seamless steel tube manufacturing to metal resource integration.

In 2013, Huitong small loan Co., Ltd. was established and successfully listed in Qingdao blue sea equity trading center in June 2015, becoming the first small loan company in Liaocheng that successfully landed on the value optimization board of Qingdao blue sea equity trading center.

In March 2014, the trial run of Φ 168 hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line was successful. The production line has the advantages of high product precision, higher physical and mechanical properties of internal and external surfaces and materials than other products of the same specification. Since then, the company's seamless steel pipe product specifications have been expanded to φ 22 * 3 - φ 356 * 80mm, and the product varieties have been increased to medium and low pressure boiler pipes, hydraulic prop pipes, automobile half shaft casings, fluid transmission pipes, structural pipes, etc.

On August 2, 2014, Liaocheng e-commerce Industrial Park (key construction project of Shandong Province in 2015) and provincial university student entrepreneurship demonstration park were unveiled in Huitong intelligent innovation building, marking another solid step in the transformation to modern service industry.

In 2016, the Group officially entered into the hotel and catering industry, reached cooperation with Greentree hotel management group, and built a four-star chain hotel with high standards and specifications, further consolidating the diversified development strategy of the group company.

In 2016, the company obtained 7 utility model patents and 1 invention patent, marking that the group company has its own independent intellectual property rights, further improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

In March 2017, the technology research and development center of China Steel Research Institute was established in the group science and technology building. The center is jointly established by the General Institute of steel research. It will fully integrate the capital, entity platform and market advantages of the advantages of technical talents of the General Institute of steel research. Through the cooperation of "production, learning, research and application", it will stably, reliably, persistently and rapidly research new materials and products with high added value and high technology content to fill the gaps in China, with large market demand space, and improve enterprise efficiency, Promote the sustainable development of enterprises, and train a group of high-end technical personnel with excellent quality.

In December 2017, "invitation exhibition of new era Chinese painting works and opening exhibition of new era art museum" was successfully held in the group company. New era art museum officially appeared and settled in Huitong. More than 150 works of more than 20 famous artists in China participated in the exhibition. It is believed that taking this exhibition as an opportunity will play a positive leading role in the development of corporate culture, and will also play an important exemplary role in deepening cultural exchanges in Liaocheng and even Shandong Province.

In July 2018, the western old area sketch exchange exhibition of famous Chinese painters to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was successfully held in the new era art museum.

In May 2019, the "Bacon casting soul, painting and youth exchange new era meticulous painting exhibition" was successfully held in the new era art museum.